BizClik launches its June 2023 magazines
• Kayleigh Shooter • Jun 7, 2023

BizClik has released all 11 of its June 2023 digital magazines; publishing Sustainability Magazine, AI Magazine, Business Chief, and more.

All of the digital magazines are packed full of exclusive insights from world-class companies such as Pinterest, the United States Air Force, Microsoft, and many more.


The June 2023 edition of Supply Chain Digital features a lead report with McLaren Automotive, in the piece, McLaren Automotive’s Logistics Director Ashley Naughton dives into how the company is transforming.

Other exclusive interviews featured in the magazine include Becton Dickinson, Microsoft, Suppeco, and more.

The June 2023 edition of Technology Magazine features a ‘Cover FoB’ on a very pressing topic at the moment - How Generative AI is driving the future of business automation.

The June edition of Technology Magazine also includes exclusive features from The Royal Mint, United States Air Force, Vodafone Automotive, and more.

The June 2023 edition of Sustainability Magazine features a lead interview with Tate & Lyle’s CEO, Nick Hampton, he discusses how to create more sustainable consumer products.

The latest edition of the ESG-focused magazine also included exclusive interviews with  DataBank, HCLTech, and more.

The June 2023 edition of our latest publication, EV Magazine has a lead piece on luxury electric vehicles diving into hthe factors that best define a luxury electric vehicle.

Other interesting pieces included in the June edition includes “Has Toyota turned things around?” and “The sound of EV safety is an exciting prospect for drivers”

The June 2023 edition of FinTech magazine features a lead interview with Saphyre’s Co-Founders Stephen and Gabino Roche, they take a dive into powering trading with artificial intelligence.

Other featured interviews include Sunrise Banks, The Royal Mint, and more.

The June 2023 edition of Manufacturing Digital includes a lead front-of-book piece on the Top 10 sustainable manufacturers, the piece dives into some businesses building for climate-conscious consumers.

Other pieces included in the latest edition include exclusive interviews with Becton Dickinson, Capgemini Invent, Eviden, and more.

The June 2023 edition of Procurement Magazine features a lead feature with SailPoint’s Senior Director, Global Procurement, Linda Siegert, she dives into leveraging procurement to shape the future.

The June edition of Procurement Magazine features an exclusive interview with Becton Dickinson and an exclusive piece on “The role of thinking and master data in transformation” and more.

The June 2023 edition of AI Magazine includes a cover front-of-piece article diving into IoT devices enabling smart cities. 

The latest edition of AI Magazine featured exclusive interviews with SAP, Pinterest, Faraday Futures, and more.

The June 2023 edition of Business Chief features an exclusive piece with DP World’s COO, Ports & Terminals, Tiemen Meester, where he discusses extensively around supply chains and sustainability.

The jam-packed June edition also dives into the needs of Generation Z in the workplace, female leadership, and more.

Finally, the June 2023 edition of Energy Digital features a cover front-of-book piece on the challenges faced by the power grid - the piece features exclusive insights from Siemens, ABB, and more.

The latest edition of Energy Digital also features exclusive pieces from Capgemini Invent, Faraday Futures, and an extensive top ten list on the top largest solar power parks.


The team have worked tirelessly on all 11 digital magazines, from creating the content to designing the fabulous magazines to marketing all of the exclusive content.