Event Review: FinTech LIVE Virtual
• Kayleigh Shooter • May 4, 2023

We hosted our latest event yesterday, delivering our second fully virtual event, FinTech LIVE New York. The virtual event dove into all things banking, finance, insurance, and so much more.

Through our long-standing partnership with the event streaming application, Brella, we were able to provide the virtual audience with an immersive and collaborative event experience. Attendees were able to match make and network with other attendees beforehand, send live questions to speakers, join “breakout” coffee meetings during the event, and much more.

We were joined by many high-class speakers who shared some exclusive insights into insurance, crypto, and fintech.
We were joined by Mastercard’s Chad Wallace, Marsh’s Rupert Poland, AXA’s Frank Desvignes and many more insightful keynote speakers. 

All of the virtual sessions were highly insightful to both us and the audience, we outline just some of our favourite sessions below - from The AI in Finserv Forum to  Romain Berthome’s keynote session on “Driving Product growth with Embedded Finance”

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Embedded Finance: A Game-Changing Opportunity for B2B Payments - Mastercard’s Chad Wallace

Mastercard’s Chad Wallace kicked off the virtual event with an insightful keynote on “Embedded Finance: A Game-Changing Opportunity for B2B Payments” 

The opening session took a deep dive into the keys to unlock embedded finance as well as some use cases in B2B payment flows and where the opportunities lie.

“There are quite a few banks that are investing heavily in their API strategy”


AI in FinServ Forum - AWS’ Sachin Tandon & MSU Federal Credit Union’s Ben Maxim

AWS’ Global Banking Industry Strategist and MSU Federal Credit Union’s Chief Digital Strategy & Innovation Officer took to the virtual stage to partake in a forum on artificial intelligence in FinServ.

The forum-style discussion between Sachin and Ben was engaging and informative for the audience.

“I think ChatGPT is going to allow both synthetic fraud to happen more but also an opportunity to help combat it” - Ben


Insurance Transformation Forum - Lisa Wardlaw, Sabine VanderLinden, Samantha Chow & Frank Desvignes

The Insurance Transformation Forum engaged the audience of the insurance stream as four high-level executives dived into insurance transformation, covering pressing questions such as “What does static mean: lacking in movement, action, or change?” and “What does dynamic mean: of a process or system characterized by constant change, activity, or progress?”

The four innovative speakers that delivered the session:

  • Lisa Wardlaw - President & Founder at 360 Digital Immersion
  • Sabine VanderLinden - CEO and Managing Partner at Alchemy Crew
  • Samantha Chow - Global Sector Leader for Life, Annuity, and Benefits at Capgemini
  • Frank Desvignes - Global Head of Open Innovation at AXA NEXT

“I do see many players evaluating all different platforms just because of a problem they are trying to solve” - Sabine


Do not forget, all of the FinTech LIVE Virtual on-demand sessions will be available on the FinTech Magazine YouTube channel.


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