Connecting You With Your Audience: Work With Us
• Kayleigh Shooter • Jul 21, 2023

‘Connecting the World’s Digital Leaders’ - As one of the world’s leading digital media companies we are the perfect fit to connect you with your target audience through various means such as magazine advertising, website advertising and event sponsorship.

Our extensive portfolio of digital magazines is expanding by the year and we are thrilled to be able to offer our clients exposure to all industries:

The Executive Portfolio: Marketing Chief, Finance Chief & Business Chief

The Sustainability Portfolio: Sustainability Magazine, EV Magazine, March8 Magazine & Energy Magazine

The Technology Portfolio: AI Magazine, Technology Magazine, Cyber Magazine, Mobile Magazine, Data Centre Magazine 

The FinTech Portfolio: Crypto Magazine, FinTech Magazine & InsurTech Magazine

The Supply Chain Portfolio: Supply Chain Digital & Procurement Magazine 

The Global Industries Portfolio: Construction Digital, Food Digital, Manufacturing Digital, Healthcare DIgital & Mining Digital 

As well as our extensive array of titles, our portfolio and audience grows by the day, with over 14 million records, you are sure to reach your target audience.

  • 1,000,000 monthly website visitors 
  • 250,000 newsletter subscribers
  • 595,000 social media followers

Ways to work with us:

  • Digital Magazines: Advertise within our magazines & exclusive self-funded/partner funded interviews 
  • Website Advertisements: Place targeted advertisements on our website(s)
  • Newsletters: Place advertisements in our twice-weekly newsletter sends
  • Top 100s & Top 10s: Be the exclusive sponsor of our targeted Top 100 and Top 10 lists
  • Social Media: Get your message delivered to our expansive and engaged social media audience 
  • Audience Database: Gain access to our 14 million data records for targeted email marketing 
  • Video: Our dedicated Video team will curate a brand video to meet your needs
  • Whitepapers & Research Reports: We will curate a whitepaper/research report based on data that we acquire and target this to your audience
  • Conferences & Roundtables: Place your brand in front of a very targeted audience using our events and targeted roundtables 
  • Awards: New for 2024, be a sponsor for our industry awards
  • Webinars: Host a webinar with us and we will attract your target audience to register.

We offer numerous tiers for sponsorship of our virtual and in-person events - our events calendar for 2023 and 2024 is expansive:

Remaining 2023 events

  • Sustainability LIVE London: 6-7 September 
  • Procurement & SupplyChain LIVE London: 26-27 September
  • Cloud & 5G LIVE: 11-12 October
  • InsurTech LIVE: 18-19 October
  • FinTech LIVE London: 8-9 November
  • Manufacturing LIVE: 6-7 December

All 2024 events

  • FinTech LIVE Dubai (Virtual): 23-24 January
  • Sustainability LIVE Dubai (Virtual): 12-13 February
  • Procurement & SupplyChain LIVE Dubai (Virtual): 27-28 February
  • Net Zero LIVE London: 6-7 March
  • Mining LIVE: 9 April
  • FinTech LIVE New York (Virtual): 7-8 May
  • Tech & AI LIVE London: 21-22 May
  • Sustainability LIVE Miami: 3-4 June
  • Procurement & SupplyChain LIVE Miami: 7-8 June
  • InsurTech LIVE: 26 June
  • Sustainability LIVE London: 4-5 September 
  • Procurement & SupplyChain LIVE London: 24-25 September
  • Healthcare LIVE: 8-9 October
  • Cloud & 5G LIVE: 22-23 October
  • FinTech LIVE London: 5-6 November 
  • Data Centre LIVE: 19 November
  • Manufacturing LIVE: 4 December 

We would love to work with you, view our media deck here or get in contact here.

Here is what some of our previous clients have said about their experience with BizClik: 

“I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to FinTech Magazine and BizClik for their unwavering support and for giving us this incredible platform to showcase our work.” - Stephen & Gabino Roche, Saphyre

“Huge thank you to BizClik for such a wonderful write-up of United Urology Group's supply chain team! Extremely honoured to be published in three of their magazines” - David Forbes, United Urology Group