Exploring Marketing: A Journey of Learning at BizClik
• Kathryn Webb • Feb 2, 2024

During my time at BizClik, I had the opportunity to learn about marketing, gaining valuable insights from the knowledgeable marketing team. Upon my arrival, I received a tour of the office and met the welcoming BizClik employees.

Each day, I was provided with a checklist of tasks, offering me understanding into the daily operations of the marketing team at BizClik and the production process of their digital magazines. Throughout my time, I conducted a competitor and SWOT analysis, which proved beneficial for my business studies at school. Additionally, I learned about the marketing team's production processes, including email campaigns, newsletters, and social media posts, which I found intriguing.

I am thankful for everyone's patience in explaining marketing concepts I found challenging to understand. This experience has broadened my understanding of marketing, and while it may be early to decide on a career path, I am keen on pursuing something similar. 

Overall, my time at BizClik was helpful and interesting, and I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and develop in a professional environment.

An account from Henry Hansell, Work Experience Student from Sprowston Community Academy