How businesses can support LGBTQIA+ employees
• Kayleigh Shooter • Jun 1, 2023

By supporting LGBT employees and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace can make employees feel valued, respected, and in turn, able to reach their full potential.

Large corporations such as Barclays have established programmes such as “Barclays Spectrum” which is designed to support LGBT people within the banking corporation - but you do not need to create big schemes to support employees, we outline some tips below.


  1. Take discrimination seriously 

You should establish an anti-discrimination policy and ensure that all employees understand the policy and recognise that discrimination is not tolerated at all in the workplace. Ensure that if any discrimination does take place, there is an appropriate warning procedure

  1. Promote a gender-neutral workplace

Fostering a gender-neutral workplace can help support LGBTQ employees and allows them to feel accepted.

For example, you could require everyone to display their pronouns on all communication channels, this means that LGBTQ employees may not feel vulnerable if they choose to display their pronouns. 

In addition to this, establishing unisex toilets or ensuring the use of gender-neutral language such as “partner” or “parent” could help.

  1. Ensure leadership support

You should ensure that your Leadership team actively supports LGBTQ employees and promotes inclusion. When leaders actively advocate for diversity and inclusion it sets the expectation for the entire business and encourages a culture of complete acceptance.

  1. Promote inclusion training

You should implement diversity and inclusion training programs for employees which address LGBTQ issues and promote both understanding and respect. The training can help eliminate biases, foster empathy, and create a more inclusive culture.

Not just during pride month, but every single month of the year, it is crucial to support LGBTQIA+ employees and foster an inclusive culture where those employees can feel valued and understood.


Here are some links to LGBTQ/Diversity and inclusion training:

LGBT Foundation: 


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