Inside the office, work experience perspective
• Kayleigh Shooter • Jul 3, 2023

When inhabiting an unprecedented workspace expectations are unknown. 

We have been joined by Issy Grice for two weeks work experience, here is her account of her first week;

The company as a whole presents a casual, welcoming ambience and portrays the stereotypical office job in a modern way. Initially, when starting my 2-week placement I was greeted with a formal introduction of the company ensuring I was aware of roles and responsibilities throughout each department. Within my placement in the marketing sector, I was briefed and tasked with a vast variety of activities the job entails. These tasks spread widely across social media posting, newsletters, press releases and more.

The marketing team were clear and concise in their instructions leading to a positive work environment. Within my first week, I was introduced to a colourful array of the various steps it takes for each magazine; one of the lessons I partook in was preparing a newsletter to be sent out to the subscribers. I observed the process then once fully capable I was tasked with creating and sending more of them out. In doing this piece of work I gained the ability to pick out key pieces of information and learned to decipher whether a post is relevant and topical.

As an overall the business has a very employee-accommodating mindset, whether it was on supplying snacks, having group activities or early finishes on Fridays. These benefits provide a very healthy, motivated work ethos. Throughout my current time spent in this working environment, my expectations have been exceeded and standards have been raised.