Priyanka Gangishetty
Priyanka Gangishetty
Senior Azure Customer Engineer
“One of the downsides of having everything accessible at a click of a button is the overload of information and the quantity of content you have to sort through to find a gem. I had been on a hunt for good female oriented content for a while when I happened to find March8 on LinkedIn and it felt like I had to get through mountains of digital content to finally get here. I love the mission, vision and the execution style of March8. Unapologetically ambitious, clear on the goal and crisp on the design, it is perfect and only keeps getting better. So when I was asked if I would be ok to be featured in the ‘How she got there’ section, I was in disbelief. I did not think I had a good enough story to share. But from the first meeting with Emily, to the actual interview style conversation with Lucy, they made it abundantly clear that they wanted my story and it was worth telling. Knowing that they believed that my story was important made all the difference to me. Lucy is an incredible listener, she let me speak most of the time while gently nudging me to dig deeper or take a different turn at times. It felt like I was having a conversation with a friend and perhaps that is why it was easy to be myself and share some of the personal aspects of my journey. It has been a deeply humbling and gratifying experience working with the March8 team and I hope I can continue to collaborate with you to empower Women around the world to live their best lives. Thank you for everything!”
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